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Frona my observation, during the last ten years, of the
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are liable to become injected, in old persons, with
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an extreme case of rheumatoid arthritis, and as I have'
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This is most likely if the patient has been feeling badly for some time
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phthalein rises from 13° (.117 per cent) acid to 19° (.171 per cent) in ten minutes,
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have more offices to subserve than merely to receive these se-
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racters, as, in the main, correct; we agree with his declaration
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look a little “choppy” unless a wide bandwidth line such
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lecture, but the most important ones are dependent upon tlie
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sometimes been so serious as to involve perforation of the cardiac muscle
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of Surgery, and president-elect of the A. M. A., surely needs no introduction.
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Such a diversity of opinion must, as a necessary conse-
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work, however, every subject of interest to the practi-
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1886, xliv, 38-41. . Laryngeal vertigo, Internat. M.
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its division, a purulent-looking liquid escaped firom both ends. In the left
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Chinese graduates in medicine to prosecute further study abroad.
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of daily occurrence, but real diseases. The word " disease" is
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choice for following cases of cardiac allograft rejection. 8 It
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suance of the reigning opinion on the nature of these nervous phenomena, patients
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Case II. — Mrs. E. P., aged 62, married; husband died of con-
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ingitis (Cerebral) — Milk-sickness — Musk — Nitro-
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are very pale ; the brain and the sinuses are almost empty of blood.
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lected six cases, from which tlie following observations were
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had fed on antelopes, which were infective for laboratory animals, to feed on him-
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retarding of the flow from the sinus, which a viscid mucus
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originated in rheumatic endocarditis, there is reason to believe they are
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as to what was the relation between definite glandular and surgical tuber-
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are destroyed, then their toxins go into solution by
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found in the blood. The units affected had been encamped near to

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