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fully elaborated in France, by means of which it is held that criminals

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and a large defect in the wall of the left ventricle. [m.b.t.J

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sessed of qualities, resources, and talents, such as are found united in the au-

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rays are filtered out by the needle walls has been found to be of advan-

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term births. The median age at the time of death was

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time also a sensation of Btifmesa OVer the body. He remained in this state till No-

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indication to castration, as the removal of the affected testis has a

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Mordants are earthy and metallic compounds, the base of which

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quinine on two consecutive days every eight or ten days, while

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it, it is not a deposit of lymph. Tl)is is not an abso-

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The patient had been some time under treatment, and under Ihe

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to a very low temperature has noted a diminution in

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more frequent, and that she seemed perhaps less conscious of

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method for the investigation of the etiology of many previously

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elvtritis or urethritis. The epithelium of the vestibule seems to offer

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