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bodies, which he called Pamplasma flavigcnum, in the red cells

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5. Motor medullary centres (failure of respiration).

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11/8.. 9.9 12.2 14. 15.8 3620000 62 Blood pressure 244

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frequently into mucous tissue, but the study of them is


of the animals which may last for one or several weeks before growth

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eases of the so-called second stage ushered in by an acute attack. It may be

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by the same means employed in similar granular ulcer-

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but not villous. The glands in the deeper portion of the mucosa are dilated and irregular,

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one who thus allows his mind to wander, the disappointment

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“Good medical care was once as easy as seeing your doctor.

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pieces of dirty plaster. From beneath these crusts a considerable

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from it it will usually disappear. The same thing is

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portion of the toxic material in the shed blood. Infusion of normal saline

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intestines, which inhibits putrefactive processes and thereby stands guard

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development of woman we should not neglect. Advise all

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scanty and concentrated, the bowels often constipated during

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York, etc. Compiled, with additional notes, in collaboration

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speaking of the support given by the newspapers to homoeo-

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to be both large, and in the case of many of them, highly complex.

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that the papers presented at the State Medical Society meetings should

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or 10 drops of Fowler's Solution before meals; or, what is more

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of one hundred and twenty six years. From a very in-

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to make this necessary, consult him as to cause. The patient

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after the second inoculation. A third dose was given intraperitoneally on

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phlyctajnae. A number of these occur in succession on various parts of the

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tagious-disease experts of the Department — sent to a

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seen by three or four different men, who diagnosed gall-stone colic.

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ening, which was the rule when the joint motion and

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THE BAUER CHEMICAL COMPANY, 3o Irving Place, New York g

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