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one would have been applied and the vessel divided. The

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abled that the patient was obliged to use crutches, and she

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are really a synthesis of the experimental 3 and epidemio-

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Present conditio7i. — The nose has a few scattered patches

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ascertained that GO minims caused uncomfortable giddiness, retching,

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state of the body in which adequate nutrients were replen-

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The right shoulder was the seat of coarse grating during

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could give no account of subjective sensations. The super-

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Laboratory data: White blood count was 23,000 with 80

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The globules of the chyle, of the thymus-fluid, and of lymph, are

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158° a jelly, not breaking when inverted, semi-transparent in transmitted

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ment, reducing inappropriate uses of diagnostic radiology,

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the buff"y coat ; Van Swieten^ asks whether that part may not be formed

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limb higher than his elbow. About ten or twelve years ago

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of experimental head injury on the vertebrobasilar circulation:

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examining him 1 found that the heart was in its normal

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with the finger. Finally, the kidney was freely incised on its

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cases. They show that the incidence of hookworm infection is not

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own Five-Year Renewable and Convertible Term Policy

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and last aspect of “quality protection” that I want to stress,

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local HSA to be acting in conflict with the concept of good

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sometimes passed into those cavities, even in cases where but

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operated upon and found to have multiple fistulous tracts

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The principal aim in the preparation of contributions should

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The objective is to analyze the claims data and the ad-

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Our Ad Hoc Committee Report on the New Jersey Mental

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Thanks were returned to Dr. Hunter and Mr. Hewson for these

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including the latter, the water is clean and clear, below this point clear,

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facts about the patient and about disease, to be able to recall

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detached. I have frequently observed these appearances in corpuscles

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mates treatment success, however, since 86 percent of our

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