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ago she began to have occasional pains in the region of Mc-
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between the coat** was in many places lost ; in other places the inner was
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Halsted* describes the clinical and surgical features
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is not usually recognized excepting in a few distinct morbid
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perature may continue for weeks or months, and rheumatism is not an
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in the Adirondack Mountains, under the directorship of
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atrophied in the thigh, was held stiffer at the knee-joint than the left,
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in systematic works upon food and dietetics, the practical needs of the
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claimed for such a condition of the cervix." — Archiv /. Oijndkologie, 1880,
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The patient's usual weight is 165 pounds, but on April 15th he
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Duhrsseu adopts the same method, extending the cut from the vagina to
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ment has simplified the diagnosis as well as the treatment
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that, without careful microscopic examination of the lumbar cord, in
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arrived at years of discretion, and remembering that he has
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tion of such thoroughness that deception seems to be
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Application to Pulmonary Surgery," by Dr. Rudolph Matas, New
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salt-solution gives in the cold a cloudiness or precipitate which clears
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third day at the Christening baile (ball or dance).
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are more marked in the disto-peripheral end of the ganglion.
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The importance of the part played by sjsphilis in the causation of
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dently." Dillon Brown' says : "The paralysis of diphtheria may be divided
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pea to a bean, and filled with clear, yellowish serum. The
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new canal was not entirely permeable. The conditions are
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remain alive and active for six or seven hours. In the usual room
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constituents of the gastric juice are entirely absent for
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rate. From these point,-* of view we have read this work, and what have
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be that we may anticipate greater success by combining or alternating with it
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lastly, 10 c.c. of a dilute<l neutral saliva. The mixture, or series of
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19^^. — Spat up a quantity of pus, coloured with blood. Exten-
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movable. The toes, except the great toe, could hardly be moved at all.
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Wochenschrift, 1895, No. 17, subjected to the erysipelas serum treatment:
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permit of the introduction of evidence from other phases
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Surgical Society, stated his belief that the glands be^
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whats better fucidin or bactroban

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