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Russian publications about the gypsy moth for the State Board

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No previous attacks in 30 cases. Several attacks in

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pendent on the duration of the disease than on the condition of the

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To patients and families, the medical assistant symbol-

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its report. The members have gone over Pasteur's ex-

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radium treatment. Do not forget to treat the glands, even if not

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viduals in families. From two to six persons in the same

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adhesions, and, consequently, that such masses were in

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Case 6. — E. D., aged 29, maid, was admitted to the medical service of the

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acid, and introduce iodoform. The treatment of the third stage

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different personnel in decisions involving defense set-

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started and when the new shoots begin to form, the inhibitory efi'ect

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in relation to the performance of clitoridectomy by Sir. I.

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priate connections every voluntary muscle of the body

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Audibert. Prolonged Catarrhal Icterus, Revue de Medecine, 1907, xxvii, 544.

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repeatedly known it take place among the easy vomitings of pregnant

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sexes alcohol increases sexual desire, while it blunts the

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dextrose. According to Hoffmeister, the maximum amylolytic effect

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pull down the head, neck, and top of the spinal column, to

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the back, is opened. He takes more food ; his bowels hitherto have been

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The author presents three theories as to the patho-

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fessed teacher of surgery gives to his words would make it impossible for

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proximity to the inflamed bone and investing tissues ; and consequently

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and cause renal congestion. Thrombosis of the renal vein may occur as a

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relative cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care versus allo-

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age during manipulation and the direction of that part of

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against the cornea. He had himself formerly employed the

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ings of the fibres in Meynert's decussation where they impinge on the third

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the pancreatic fluid. Of these secretions the saliva and the pancreatic

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be observed on one side of the abdomen, breast, or shoulders, upon

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fourth day, must be of sufficient importance to demand

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Illustrated with 181 engravings. Philadelphia and New York: Lea & Febiger,

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not made up his mind upon the seats of the varieties of enteri-

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It is the late manifestations, the sequelae and the so-called parasyph-

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East Indian and stood up in line they would present a

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dispensers are allowed to administer the injections, the

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