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account of the contraction of the tendons ; but several contrivances

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our attention into the right channel, but there are other times, as it

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some of which may be briefly mentioned: 1. Garrod contends that

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which ultimately produce the carbonic acid evolved.

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will allow it to be continued as long as necessary.

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Diagnosis of Syphilis." In the twenty-eight pages at

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THE BO.STON MEDICAu AND SURGICAL JOURNAL is published every Wednesday, by D.

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tercellular spaces become infiltrated with particles of the

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lessen salivary secretion, but atropine is most notable in this

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table to the floor. In the evening they were filled


process, or in the individual development of the psychic personality. In

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has mentioned the frequent occurrence of such epidemics in the Shetland

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best work will be done in the same way, by individual

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1899) reported 412 cases of tuberculosis treated with the

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The advantages of the treatment now about to be laid down

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Cystoscope for Double Ureteral Catheterization. —

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dangers of the method, the writer said that if this treat-

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permanent. This form of nephritis is not nearly so fatal as the other

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entire in the first instance, and is never perforated until after sup-

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that the nervous system is about to be attacked, [j.e.s.]

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an excoriated or blistered part in the typhoid fevers. You have all

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PREMARIN (conjugated estrogens) Vaginal Cream is indicated in the treatment of atrophic vaginitis and

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senile hypertrophy. How often the malignant process

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duced by this intemperate treatment, is placed in the worst pos-

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state grades off into the normal or simply peculiar. A boy reads a

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+ The sntetitution in modern pharmacy of comparatively worthless I influence the Case but little Olie Wav Or the Other. The

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venous ramifications, and that an immediate transmission of the

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found them in great abundance in stables, at Porto for instance.

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