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imprisoned and are placed on the same food as their

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available. Of the 90 medical schools, only 7 or 8 provide this type and level

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appear to the writer to justify the following conclusions : —

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dollars, or a gold medal of that value, at bis option.

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judices which surrounded him, how extensively theoretical considerations

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(one male, one female); concer of hand, one (female); erysipelas of

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and needful for that great creature, the public, to be

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work for his degree but had been a technician, went

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mentioned that in her former pregnancies she had suffered very much from

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benefit. For over-worked business men who show symp-

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of Hydrogen is used by Moriarta^^ amongst others As a topical appli-

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appalling disclosures of the Medical Recruiting Boards through-

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Of the entire number of deaths, 4,295, or 25.01 per cent, occurred in children

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function can be elicited other than that manifested by the diminution

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These rarely fail if the heart still beats. The direct inflation of the chest with

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ture, not due to aneurism or the pressure of a tumour

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ing the aid of compressed air. The experiments of Paul

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which has now become dense and closely adherent, a friction murmur is

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There can be no reasonable doubt that the power to origin-

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hypogastric or to the sacral region, although for many

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tions had been made. Clinically it resembled mostly

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epistaxis, and frequently more or less tenderness over various parts of the swollen

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render it possible to make it sufficiently tight to con-

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Happel (T. J.) Typho-malarial fever; is there sucli a

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keeping up a slight nausea; and for children they are invaluable.

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and it is not usually until a day or two afterwards that it

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of the asylums of the country are true or not, one fact stands out boldly,

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