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in cases attended by weak heart and over-taxed bronchial

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the patient endeavoring to bring on abortion by the in-

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action. According to Friedemann, the amount of precipitum formed

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The chair of General Pathology was strenuously assailed by

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glass of hot brandy. She noticed a few " small red spots " on

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tioned as stomachics, including valerian, asafetida and

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tion of the kidney, while thirteen years later Morris recommended this oper-

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For the treatment of boils, ceirbuncles, pustular acne, impetigo contagiosa and sycosis staphylogenes.

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word strategic. I wish to convey the idea that this point

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the more pronounced and persistent are the symptoms of

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plasia from the intra - uterine bone lesions due to other causes. In

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"Maladies des Veines," Tome II., Planches III. and IV.,

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sage in clearing'the corneaof traumatic opacities. Ophth.

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whatever. The well-worn subject of dysmenorrhcea is

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« Harrington, Am. .Jonr. Med. Sci., CXXXII, pi). 811-835.

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recognition and even hatred ; 3. A genius may go mad

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been aflirmed, that in order to contamination, it is not essential

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perience in the practical use of the instrument as em-

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an hour's time it began to breathe better ; in twenty-four hours from this it seemed

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from this plant is inconsiderable. This is not because the cattle can

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shall not be read before the Academy unless the author of such a communica-

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cloths wrung out of hot water externally applied with benefit.

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botli in hospital and in private practice, a period of the

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2 deaths from beriberi; in February, 36; in March, 30; in

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I omitted to state that the layer of epithelium lining the left ventricle was

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A frequency distribution of the annual household in-

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tient, as she suffered from a chronic tj'pe of the dis-

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Spotted Fever op the Rocky Mountains. By G. F. Pope,

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deaths and diseases, such as is to be found in London. However, I think,

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per kilogram body weight was given orally to six cats, at the end of

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1896, and 14.062 over 1894; while on the other hand, in

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grains 6i the combined Sodium Phosphate, Citric Acid,

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near the sixth day and the membranes have entirely dis-

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