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these sources formed the basis for the Conference of
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certain of the lesions of general paralysis can be referred to the action of
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Meigs, M.D., one of the Physicians to the Pennsylvania Hospital, etc. etc. 81
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could have walked home. He was seen by Mr. Adams Clarke,
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equally relieved by the appropriate optical treatment. This is
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Cause of I^olapse. — I think I may safely say it is
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and Mr. Henry Lee ; and other communications. — Asiatic.
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too low. Pierre Delbet affirms that that is true only for the
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to work until relieved by the succeeding shift. On leav-
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from one place to another, and that for its develop-
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this paper to the New York Medical Association, which was largely a
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tion as long as possible, this plan being continued for flfleeh minutes. He
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coming together of the spinal arches being entirelj' due to the presence
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whether mucous or muscular. You thus remove one common
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one drachm in carbonic-acid water every hour; later, three times
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foremost in an attempt of this kind — we should set an ex-
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jaundice, 5 of secondary infectious or septic splenomegaly, 2 of an
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which, otherwise, notwithstanding the efforts of competent
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" obstruction" and " stagnation", are attended with
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its independent state of existence, there is a consi-
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offering assistance before there is actual impairment.
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Preston Dispensary, was induced to make a triaUof it on a lady who
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medium of the barber and his utensils, from one patron to
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sors of the wrists. Tendon reflexes were absent. There was

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