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to him sooner or later to get tabes dorsalis," that he thinks

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uterus through the vagina, and vaginal amputation with supra-

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Dear Sir, — The agreeable duty devolves upon the undersigned committee to pre-

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Philadelphia, extending over a period of twenty-five years, shows conclusi\TlT

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and the whole site of the operation scrubbed and disin-

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for frontal, sphenoidal, and ethmoidal catarrhal secretions.

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analyzed was acid; that of the Hawley's food was acid

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it can gain in timber by Hs destruction or in navigation by

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glaring advertisements of "examinations free," attract large

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and we again have fever and arthritic inflammation; we overcome

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that the edges of the raw surface may be brought together with

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aspirated fluid has been found to be purulent in character. Lobular pneumonia

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Weissheit*** gegeben durch Johan Tholden. Lych, Ketzel, 1605.

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will hold from five to fifteen times the weight of that organ,

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gouty and senile hearts, just as Professor Clifford Alibutt, who is

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Temperature, Manassein on Means for lowering, . . . 428

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and it is not every one who at such a moment, even among the profes-

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was brought before the Chemical Section | He described the appearances of the brains

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Thousands of people have taken this six-week course. And the

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cases in which amyloid is combined with chronic nephritis with indura-

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prranular very small. The cases in the second group, or those with an irregu-

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fiKi that this predisposition is enhanced by any causes capable of pro-

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it was a nervous or neurotic malady is obvious, and if it can-

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opinion which has been recently combated by different writers. Infection

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all infantile diseases, and especially in those affecting the stomach and

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materials that our country can afford, and in the very

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nervous system ; lastly, the ready subsidence of the high tem-

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vesicular breathing may be diminished enough by a pleural exudation

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amiable as these virtues may be, and however justly they may

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inch of the upper vagina is filled with absorbent cotton saturated with the bicar-

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communicated with the brook. In the middle of July the meadows of

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syphilitic, tuberculous or ostemyelitic processes, and osteoma, osteosar-

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from other state societies. The Committee hopes that those

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