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one who thus allows his mind to wander, the disappointment

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method was made publicly known through Prof. Edmond

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color was removed, and covering the odor of the iodoform pro-

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fusiform and spiral organisms (Fig. 1, B). Their presence in the

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ance of disease amongst the inmates, to note how seldom

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tary Medicine in Massachusetts. The Surgeon-General

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Symptoms. — 1. Solitary Abscess. — This condition is common among

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A labouring man, aged 40, received some injury of the

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who have had limbs amputated are very liable to suffer from

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open air until nine o'clock. Time spent indoors does

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colour, some spots being scarlet or rose-red, whilst others are of

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other of the room, there was a cat that lay hid." Dr. S.

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the decomposition of the exhalations, excrements, or excretions of .

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and pericarditis, generally serous, are, however, not so very rare, and the former

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removal of foreign bodies, operations, and tlie relief of

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his name, the complicated and often equivocal phenom-

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the life-history of the "halteridium," it was noted that a limited number of ellip-

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bedside care to the mother and to give the baby the

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importance in the production of phthisis. Dr. Hayden asked what the

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Society to the end of the period (respectively) for

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per cent., it is within reason to assume a yearly preva-

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iorty, who died of phthisis after having suffered from paralysis agitans for

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The history of the case from the very first injection has

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speaker has recently analyzed 129 cases of this disease, all

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