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the same localities, as complained of during her subsequent illness. So
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Dr. Miller. The temperature failed to drop, and on October
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soon looked upon by the teachers at school as dull and stupid,
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are rare ; but in a few cases symptoms of actual insanity do occur. In
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puscles. The urine of this chelonian contained grape sugar.
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upon his back, and gave a few convulsive motions of the ex-
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chest-wall than the aorta and being covered only by the thin border of
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I internal sac. Consequently they (the injections) stop neither
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Kocher regards preliminary tracheotomy as an indispensable proceeding in
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which has now become dense and closely adherent, a friction murmur is
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the former being dissolved in liydrochloric acid, and
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ficial parts, and the neighboring glands, together with
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uterine appendages are so diseased that removal of the
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and learned that the results obtainable in this way .were
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columnae, chorda tendineae, and the aortic and auriculo-
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case. That there were great differences in size and shape the photo-
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exact causes of infant deaths.) (There has been a slow development in
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nursing. The baby left the hospital on supplementary
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was not afFeftcd by the addition of the oxymuriate of mercury,
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is not so if it be used, as it often is, to indicate that the
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had not rested at all through the night. On examina-
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• Lebert and K5hler: Loe. cii, f hoc. cit., p. 471. % Loc. cU., p. 285.
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recorded; among tliem 314 cases of neurasthenia, 1G7 cases of
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Although the fact itself is not disputed, yet the explanation appears to be.
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especially the face, becomes now preternaturally swollen and red.
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heart cannot be felt; but it is probably in the fifth interspace,
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body. It must be obvious, that this depraved habit arises
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