Foredise Records

Case 6. — Comminuted fracture with gangrene was followed

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opinion seems to be : Use cleanliness severely, and

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some local treatment was mischievous. lie relied chietly on

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ing and sustaining diet is allowed; and the puccoon is

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present in greater or less quantity. Before sucking they are few, but

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wards on that side. The hip and knee are flexed and the

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one method, and another another. With regard to Sir J. D.

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This, having had its origin in the circumstances of the late war,

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face by the sweat, which under these circumstances is abundantly

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In the treatment of all bodily disorders, associated

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In some countries where a large percentage of the population may

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when it is enjoying the most perfect health — when it is free

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the death of the patient was farthest from my thoughts. On the evening of

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Another mode of explaining the occurrence of such attacks as I have

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highly useful, is not always the most effective method of treatment. With

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for a great length of time. No doubt other explanations of this fact may be

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in endeavoring to judge of their respective merits, it is to be borne in mind

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of three and a half years, seven months, and one year. In this case a relapse

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Orthopajdic Surgery ; Leonard St. John, M. D., Demon-

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of a terminal infection, and the post-mortem characters of many

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for a considerable time. The condition of success is not

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foredise records

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Officers of Medical Society of the State of North Carolina— 1922-1923 _ 394

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cholera is propagated solely by atmospheric constitution, an abundance

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noticed, of a somewhat circular shape, varying from the size of a

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heading. It must be remembered that in these classifications the term

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the doctor is not admitted ? Life lies open before him like

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rest of that system ; thus a supply of blood to the brain is maintained

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disease, such as scarlet fever or typhoid fever, dysentery, or bad

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