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comurus were to be expelled from every dog in the country, and

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contracted cavity. When the chief lesion is at the cardia, regurgitation

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thoroughly the author has gone over the ground, and

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paroxysm of angina pectoris. During this short fortnight the

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And inject a little of the Tincture of Iodine. Continue poulticing

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1 . Cobb N, Etzel RA: Unintentional carbon monoxide-related deaths

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ment. Again, a patient presents evidence of a tuberculous tumour in the

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seeing that I am not connected in practice with the special

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then began the hot-air baths for his stump, and the ulcer fully

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the chiasma, in such a situation as to compress a part of the optic nerve, and also a part of

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nical violence.' This would include injuries to the skin or mucous membrane,!

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of finance are out of debt and have a splendid surplus of funds. The stock-

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things most frequently needing disinfection are feces, sputum, and

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" In cases of remittent I have endeavored to inject during the

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previous fractures ? If so, may we not be allowed to incorporate iuto our re-

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from all puffy elevations, and has been brought down to a level with

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If we feel constrained to do something to assist, let us

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investigations have, however, cast doubt upon the^ old assumption that

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for a certain length of time in Ferrara. He was the author

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first, November 30th, thirty-six hours after the cessa-

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removal of depressed inner plates and splinters of bone and the institution of

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emptying reflex. We have included in our diagram the longitudinal

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Tbday, United Missouri still makes a difference. It can

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