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went to ninety, and the white blood count and red blood count were

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small, the ventricles dilated, and in some situations the

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The treatment of these simple fistulae consists in proper

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is present, it is due mainly to inflammation developed by the pressore

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lutea. "These fine white dottings and radiating lines give the impression

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art of medicine has made since clinical teaching has

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a Swedish study three of five patients had infinitely

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tion received by it which in the judgment of its editor will

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session, under such ci tances as are pointed out by the Act."

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pects for improved financing from the public sector, as well

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number of individuals in that class; hence, we have the important fact

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in which it is united to an equal amount of ipecac, is an excellent one

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iog and exhilarating enough. Dr. Cullen is lucid in style

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be seen, all situated towards the base of the heart. There was also a

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could be regarded as a recurrence of the old disease, or as a fresh new growth

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