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tions of the stomach ; in some rare instances, during the latter
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,e true cause of the fatality, it cannot be denied that fatty and flabby hearts
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Influence of roots on bacon. — Three lots of 5 pigs each were fed on
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with acute fibrinous pneumonia was first thoroughly studied by Sternberg,
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color, while with normal blood the blue color persists.
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as rupture of the kidney, bursting of an abdominal aneurism, or leakage
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secondly, we must not forget that, as mental influence alone is of
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will simply speak of two additional points, viz. : facilities for regulating the
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i'i''>'i\i' 'III' .ii.li-rpii, irii.j.iii..iiv In .ill 1. 1-,'- in '.'. lii, li .'^';/,-,1^„ ,„ , «, p:„-
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the spongy tissue external to the urethra. The real spasmodic
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ing several sons to Harvard, in spite of the fact that
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The fine nerve-twigs in the deep layers of the corium show marked
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Leg braces which control the valgus do not often accurately
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blood and most of them had been imported into the United States and
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component parts of the genitalia are not only in intimate connection with
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number of students were asked to work up cases and present
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quently suffers pain after its passage. No stricture, but
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the nature of the case, and at once (September 8) ordered a
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suits to be seen in dermatology. In the past Francis Johnson, who says that the various
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withstanding the reduction has been easy and complete, and
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First convulsive seizure at 20 years, but for two years previous he had
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animals and of meat, of June 3, 1900 (appendix to No. 22 of the Cen-
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forth in the programme, and to co-operate with you in pro-
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regurgitation through the mitral valve, owing to its inefficient closure, by no
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its place by two thread-like processes of mucous membrane, which looked as
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not " false," but organized and containing vessels. The membranes are so
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it does support the vagina, and it is the vagina that pulls the uterus
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a-half hours apart, or often enough to make the patient quiet
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experience, although it was put down in many text-books
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Besides the titillation, binning, and hoarseness, there is also violent
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symptoms of cancer, from hemorrhage and ulceration. Let it thus be our
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ing of the ulcer and makes for its chronicity. Once developed,

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