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oxygen and nitrogen only, as in air, the oxygen should exist in the ratio of

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According to the detailed data of Table 12, there were sixteen pel-

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of gauze should be left outside the vagina so that it could easily be withdrawn

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vomiting and diarrhoea in the digestive. Moreover, even the general

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nevertheless, as late as the middle of the seventeenth century we find

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titioner or family doctor in his state is the high-

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daily for a period of one week, and, to my great aston-

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weakening the nervous energy and vascular tone. A considerable

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Roux, Bouchard, and Gibier have seen extremely fine points in the

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7 . 6 % to 2 1 . 2 % ) of the 98 evaluable smears and were isolated

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Transformation in Slee])ing Infants," which was discussed by Dr-

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ing the day, any motion of the head, especially stooping, is at-

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paroxysms are not necessarily dependent on suppuration,

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jecting arsenic under the skin and ulcers had also been

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after use, and must never be left standing on the working

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contact, and this contact may be brought about by intercourse

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some. The case also illustrated the positive harm done by

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often followed by depression, the patient remaining in the dorsal or lateral

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of physiologic bronchial breathing may very rarely be heard all over the

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study of medical science for at least three years after the age

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III. Infundibular: The gestation begins in the outer end of the tube or in

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kind of person killed by a specific disease varies according to its age-

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of his own to Mecca, Medina, and other holy places in

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Mr. T. went about his business and at noon ate a hearty

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