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blood shows a gradual development. In Experiment 4 (Table IV)

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Progress. — For the first week after admission there was a slight

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mined by means of a simple electroscope. 5 The radio-thorium from

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and larynx; explosive attacks of diarrhea; and suddenly

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an essay entitled " Practical Studies on the Nervous and

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mature grave, and his medical adviser from the heart-rending consciousness of

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encouraging contentment and industry by occupations suitably selected

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of each plant are given, as well as its natural order, and the method

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cases; none after cavities were formed." Another, "I recall

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5 The blood-pressure was not recorded in the first two experiments. Both of these

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Prof. Le Conte and Dr. Bennett Homier. — The March number of

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7. American .System of the Practice of Medicine, p. 119.

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xanogen sold in stores

advocated by Mr. Bowman, who also often advantageously

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in extreme cases the sulphate of copper has been found to have a

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case in which he was called in consultation the patient

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Conditions favouring and retarding eruption of microgametes. —

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except the aorta, which is contracted. Stricture of the mitral

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— the less trustworthy and more improbable it is.

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ptyalin readily to glycerin, goes to show that pytalin is ji.rcd by

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The course of Lectures for the ensuing season will be delivered in the new and extensive college edi-

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periodically and the room thoroughly flushed out with fresh air. The

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Both are stimulant, diaphoretic, and alterative. In-

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The skin in such cases is anaemic, flabby, and dry ; the patients scratch

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berry. With its correct name erythroxyline it cannot be

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being used. A suitable form of electricity may be applied,

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therefore be given in small doses, moderately diluted. The opera-

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Schools, 956; The Communicable Diseases of Childhood, 959;

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and of the displacement upwards and to eacli side of the lungs, and downwards of the dia-

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action had entirely disappeared, and the psychical condi-

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