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vigorously. If signs of life appear, place the patient in a warm

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Now that the Duke of Cambridge has retired from the command of the

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duce feelings of general irritation and discomfort that were well-

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course between its origin and distribution, the pain caused

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tering in the sky. No thorns are remembered above that sweet clay, save

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she had a reoccurrence of the angioneurotic edema and the hydrothorax,

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blood which it contains and that which it receives from the

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which, it is supposed, elaborated impressions arrive

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its utln^>^t. iiiul tlif iippointod hour fuuiul thf vacant

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motion which is caused by the movements of the horse in the former,

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scheme proposed below must be looked upon as merely provisional,

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Located in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, near shore and

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The normal pulse rate varies considerably in different individuals.

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thing if the way in whicli measles sjjrend was not modified in some dire<^'-

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the acute stage. Ranvers reports 2,000 cases in the

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commonly known as hepatic colic, ami the paroxysm of polii ocvaiioa

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of suspected biliary attacks, which from any reason

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more severe, the joints are red, hot, and swollen, there is fever, and the

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disease was not present at the time, and under circumstances, too,

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66 Unity of Action In the State Association. Parker Syma.

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bright red, and almost fails to exhibit the difference between venous and

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observations on this point, to distinguish carefully between the

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feres mechanically to a certain extent with the excursions of the lung

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dition of the brain and nerves. In cases of depression we must

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At St. George's Hospital Dr. Penrose, though he ex-

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are most fortunate for we practice in an area where


ances showed that the child had died from droAvning. The air-passages

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acid, a sterile salt solution, a 1-8000 solution of formalin or a

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The annual election resulted as follows : President, H. A.

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