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descriptions of these organs given in the ordinary anatomical text

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The mucous membrane varies according to the type of gastritis present,

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"A Manual of Psychological Medicine," Bucknill and Take.

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cancer, and the treatment limited to morphine, calo-

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the relative strengths of the ocidar muscles. Rep. Proc.

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-n.„..a,.,u. uvnnu.n, . JK-a ^,M- n,. -,, nuul, ^,,- Uu. „,,.nd- ,l..n.'

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taken not to overdo them, which will make them stringy.

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doctrine of the organic nature of malaria, as consisting of animalcular

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of cases in which the lesions are seated in the left hemisphere, it has been

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dilated myocardiopathy or for rate control of atrial fibril-

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the war, when every man who could reasonably be expected to help

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may occur. The islands of Langerhans are the source of a glycolytic fer-

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her tenth clilld. She had borne five living childen, had aborted

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manifested by a small, contracted, and feeble pulse; this is

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father, altliough a man of large mental calibre, is the subject

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As a rule the praecordial impulse is imperceptible, and the area of dulness

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It has neither attacked the very young nor the very old. In a

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samples at a meeting of the Obstetrical Society. Every kind of

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Leslie E. Hedgepath, M.D. (1973) Marvin C. Korengold. M.D. (1975)

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gland ; it afforded no impulse on forced cough ; was

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1952. Seifer, Arthur F., 710 South Main St.. Phocnixville, Pa.

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at the Hotel Di eu in Paris in raany of which there were

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Pilocarpines Hydrochloridum (Pilocarpine Hydrochloride). A

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mann, eighty years ago, when he maintained that disease was

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Of that remarkable trio who h.ave made the Medical Depart-

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ExPEHiMENT No. 1. — Left arm of four-months-old child.

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discuss the paper because he and the chairman had at

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scending degenerations maintain that the decussation occurs

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cocity in sexual development were usually lympho-sarcomata. That is

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