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agree with Freud or Jung, but that this unsophisticated patient,

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of the signs of pregnancy belongs of course to treatises on Obstetrics.

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respiration is strongly indicative of disease of the

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tissues, and a greater effort is necessitated, which

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water in bathing, and deprecate the expenditure of so

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the American Medical Association this month. This has been occasioned

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side is an almost constant symptom of facial hemiplegia, independent of all cere-

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The total COM of >|K. U,iMing and th. ™J' »'«/»'' .;!'=°8» i"<°'™P7XJ°j

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engaged not only professional but much public attention, and several com-

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direct relation to the sluggishness of capillary circulation during the par-

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£1000 a year for three years for the purpose of supplymg

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treatment is begun is very great. In the report of the American

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ments are appreciably higher than in adult life. A knowledge

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cisors of the child, and. on drawing on it, removed a

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Dr. Gibant had seen two excisions of the elbow and two of the knee both suc-

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is also a question, to my mind, whether the instrument gives a

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the researches of Hoist, Nocht, and the Norwegian Ship Beri-beri Committee,

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tender years are not obliged to do bodily labour under defective

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who have had limbs amputated are very liable to suffer from

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follows. (Ott and Field, Journal of Physiology, 1878). When

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moid Hexure the patient died from intestinal obstruc-

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(H.) Valve-escapement for reservoirs, tanks, etc. No.

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year, and in the third series, forty-two per cent, relapsed

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the hospital and passed into the unknown field outside the hospital, from

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ble, leaving doubts as to a possible ma%nant element

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tained by Stokes 1 through quartz. In comparison the ultra-

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