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The ophtbalmiatric observations of Dr. Mooren contain an

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Our medical practice must be tempered by the realization

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Case of Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris ... ... ... ... ... 126

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cavities to receive more blood. It also acts upon the vaso-motor ganglia

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temperature usually is irregular, from 100 scrapings). When a diagnosis has been

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mystery of the examination was removed by actual demonstration,

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justly maintaining that in these we have cheap and efficient agents

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organ could have been formed entirely for a long period of time, and as the

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which extended from the umbilicus to the pubes. After

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of analysis and comparison with those of other investigators.

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removed, the remainder can be taken out in any posi-

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chorea for the last nine years of his life, and died in a condition similar to

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It is necessary, however, in order to maintain a charge of homicide, that death

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(1.) The lymph may simply wither or waste, as may be noticed

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Frank reports 39 cases with 21 cures, none improved, 18 relapses, no

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gentum. His counsel was followed, and from that time the

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characters has been proved. On the contrary, it remains

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the fluids and tissues of the living body, corresponding in

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The treatment consisted in the external application of warmth, and in

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ized tissue. The development of cancer, therefore, in

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human j^atients. Gas appears usually within the first twenty-four

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great value of the study made by Lloyd, and its importance to phy-

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Chinese smokers; 046 varied between 16 and 128 grains; 250 from 160 to

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