Benzocaine Menthol Dermoplast

edge of the etiology of special fevers confirms the view

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130 in the morning, 140 in the evening. Temperature in

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which promise yet to tell most favorably on the progress of the

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luteum is inhibited or counteracted by some other factor— most

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you have thought, here is a case of toxemia; there is some powerful

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Again, I remember being much disconcerted by the occur-

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the heart's action. Hypertrophic enlargement of the left ventricle leads

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constriction of practically all the vessels developed rapidly and

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no doubt that many infants suffer from " crowing breath-

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Journal by Dr. James Tyson, Secretary of the Washing-

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fright may cause a fit. There is a strong but unjustified tendency to

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He did not agree. If you greatly increased the pressure

benzocaine menthol dermoplast

by the Rev. Professor Ilaughton, M.D., Professor M'Dowel,

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gastro-intestinal disturbance in the latter. These t\^pes of in-

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bromid was reduced to 10 grains every four hours. Sub-

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and where the patient is in a relatively good physical condition. It

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needed to show the desirability of closing the wound in the

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Before I began the operation the patient had been examined by

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well proportioned, second confinement, at full period, with confidence

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tions, in the dual role of medical counsel and expert


tion. He had remained well seven or eight years, and had

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not capable of supplying with certainty evidence of live-birth, m those instances

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opposite the biturcation of the trachea, producing complete

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been proposed for the peroxidases of milk are chiefly useful in enabling

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accepted the duty of providing the indigent with medical

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somes in the bUxxl of human l^eiufrs in 1!)()2. 'rryj)anos()nies iiave been

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interests of the individual, it is not strange th;it it should often be excessively

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be reported and printed in our Transactions for 1914.

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