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paralysed before the voice was appreciably affected. He maintained,
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tained and may consist of an isolated mass of tissue resem-
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inches in length, and stout enough to be easily grasped in the fingers
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Cancerous stenoses, of course, run a progressively downward and usually
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leather. Set the jar on a trivet near the fire for 3 days, shaking
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was in favour among them as a means of improving their complexions.
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2 Na CgHjO (sodium carbolate) + COj = Na307H^O3 (sodium
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and typhoid fever, benzoyl acetyl peroxide will prove of great use. For the
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of Medicine (1895-1900); Buck's Reference Handbook, second edition
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operation holds out the only chance of life. There never was
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septic properties in a high degree. As active as bro-
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without medicine, which appeared November 14th, page 713. — Eds.
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seuse could be employed who would come and give the
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It should be added that, in some cases in which it is dependent on mitral
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of the chest which limit the movements of the lungs, as curvature of
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et conclusions. Cong. fran(j. de chir. Proc. verb. [etc. J,
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about seven years before. For a long time the pain was neither
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4. Report of the Board of Health of the State of Louisiana for the Year
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a rule, during the fever the amount of urine passed is diminished ; its
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when suddenly his mind would wander to other subjects. His
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varicella are very rarely found on the mucous membrane of the mouth
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means by which recovery from disease could be promoted. A
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twelve natural developments in tbe blood which have been
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The patient remains in the convalescent home one or two
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■with impaction. Brit. Guiana SI. Ann., Demerara, 1892,
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land. — The future of the disabled English soldier
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back wall of the meatus we should aim to cut a little below the
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The other theories, namely, that which traces the origin of
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Struempell, Wood, Fitz, etc., state positively that alcohol is a causative

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