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Another phenomenon of the same kind may be produced in the foot

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added. Some new illustrations have been added and old ones

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The procedure with the galvanic current is as follows : The

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or immediately around the vertex. The sutures, the fontanelles,

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technique not yet perfect, yet they have given to us a large

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over the muscular coat with a continuous suture of fine

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dyspepsia, one of the first things which strikes you, is

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Ann. Gyna3C. & Ptediat., Phila., 1893^, vii, 510-518. —

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to the serous covering. In healing there is cicatricial

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Turkish bath should be used also, unless any cardiac condition prohibit it.

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tion of the lungs), but as a rule the danger is more remote, and the cardiac

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skilled and educated eye and hand should be called in.

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fails rapidly, trembles, pants, and sometimes seems blind, as it runs against

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coronal forehead lift, with an incision extending from ear

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heartily, in the name of the Section, for his admirable paper. It was a model

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Hexham Courant— Greenwich and Deptford Chronicle.

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bottles, are marked so that there may be no doubt which is the stronger. A

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fortnight or three weeks later. In malignant scarlatina, as in

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and must therefore be employed with caution, on account of the

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and an induced myopia, which often reaches in a few minutes a

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Displacement and Fixation of the Stomach and Intestines. By

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the tumour was raised and supported by Mr. M'Swiney, so as to

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numerical determination of leucocytes there is too narrow a margin

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It is also very convenient to have in a ward to lift a patient

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