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" Overloading the stomach with aliment was invariably found to

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the innate form where we have to study from effect to cause.

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(A.) Ueber die Endresultate der liesektiou dcs Kniege-

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for although the action mav generally be tiansferred to other

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upon completion of duty, will rejoin bis station. Par. 8,

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phableituHE. Munchen. med. Wchnschr.. 1912. lix. 2726-2729.

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words of the writers above mentioned) " when in our

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be given twice a day for four or five days. Shiga's serum will cure cases in-

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from the tonsillar stumps. Apart altogether from the fact that cocaine thus

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y' Colde Daye on y' w*" I shall gete Lefte is at Hande. I

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possible to stamp out the disease, though the general

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1905 a.— Idem. [Abstract of 1904 d] <Lancet, Lond. (4248), v. 168, v. 1 (4),

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inUturf of alcohol and ether. It oporaten powerrully upon tlif won. I.,

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that there is, probably, no such affection as chronic rheumatism, and that

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sucked, a cupping glass should be applied over it ; and,

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vestigations in some special direction without concert

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organs must share with his general system. He recovered^

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If any physician should show gross ignorance of his profession, on com-

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eonsequences which ensue are remarkable and for the moet part distinctive.

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various symptoms of disease. Now these toxins act as stimulants on the body

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these features are directly due to the growth of lymphoid

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doctor has at the same time lost his personality ; he does not take a long

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** ^ CO C3 X X X I- 01 t- 53 01 01 01 CI «N!NO X X a

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results are no worse than usually occurs in the experi-

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tlu'liiil foils, or developed from the same emhryonie layer which forms

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The general pra<!iiice in amiputatlon is to fecure the blood-

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inhuman in our days of civilisation ; and I have heard him say

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these poisons. It seems that Ewald had the opportunit}'

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indefinitely ; the alee nasi and the upper lip remain indurated and thickened; the

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for repeating the operation, is a sudden and otherwise un-

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irregular development of the motor symptoms are in favor of a lesion involving

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The organization of the National Child Health Council with its

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