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to perform them remained intact. Paul Bert, after exposing himself to

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high point of the fever may occur. The fever may reach 104° or

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medical student a hundred years ago with some difficulty could

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the parotid lymphatic gland has been recorded to have been

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creasing the amount according to the size of the room in pro-

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once. And so with children in school. You notice that

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rean section should be performed as soon as we could be as-

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(36), thoracic ; great pain and anxiety depicted in the features ;

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time immediately after the close of the season, and had to be thrown out

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able than the developcment of intellect in every employ*

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sions of the Third Table gave to creditors the singular power of cut-

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E. Morrill, M.D., of Salem, Mass., on changing his place of residence, has

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sils, palatftm molle, pharynx, etc., with cotton balls, have

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sis. Thus the centres of infection are increased and the

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tn-sen 40 and 60 years, 25— above 60 years, 4. Born in the United States, 37— Ireland, 30—

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VI. Male, 40, operation to relieve pyelitis, patient phthisical, hence chloro-

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of the deceased. According to one medical witness, it was a curious combi-

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removed from the tick-infested ground and the ticks, if any,

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rarest cases found any spermatozoa in it ; for instance, in the case of

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mean time without manifesting any evidence of disease.

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it is an undoubted fact that the calls made during the

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nineteenth century. Abridged from Renouard 's History of

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After posture, the general or constitutional disorder may claim

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My own cases are twelve in number, out of which I have lost one,

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The reform package will have to work its way through

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size the fact that the idea he announces has had wide-

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its allied sciences. colleges being at hand. That there will

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symptoms of cancer, from hemorrhage and ulceration. Let it thus be our

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" intrauterine treatment ought to be reserved for cases of retained

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tutions for the cure of tuberculosis subjects them to an unnecessary

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Ingraham, of Curtice. Dr Deaton, of Toledo, Surgeon in the U. S. Navy,

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near the cicatrix. After the escape of pus by free incision

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