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disease, which, however, are irrelevant to the purpose of these

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(j) As so many of these cases of acquired displacement or fix-

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large bronchus, there is no dilatation of the chest, and no compression

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obtain any of Malassez's flask bacilli in his experiments. 2. He also

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manifest. It required a decreasing strength of galvanism to

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The urine was acid in the case of all the bacilli except Bacillus proteus,

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of (lays black sloughs were formed. After the removal of these sloughs, ulcers

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Canada, who introduced the veratrum treatment at my request,

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meningitis presents the various products of an inflammation of the pia mater

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Syphilis, indeed, may give rise to temporary baldness, as in those exceedingly

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modities, such as tobacco, wheat and cotton, are graded. The mer-

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holds. Listerism and its revolution in surgery, whether cleanli-*

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keep quiet at home ; the tumour being quite hard, and free

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the heart are numerous opaque fibrous patches. Heart rather small. The free edges

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generous, and a small quantity of wine may often be al-

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1921. Miller, T. Grier, A.B., M.D., Assistant Physician, Univer-

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tubercle bacilli grown under the conditions described bv

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ung fur praktiscbe und angehende Aerzte bearbeitet von Dr.

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who started up suddenly in bed, with his eyes fixed and his head turned to

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parts of essence of eucalyptus, of ether, and of lanolin. This

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be observed over regular intervals. In patients with concomitant illnesses, such as impaired renal

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and reputation are in a measure involved, are just stepping on this per-

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microscope. Its presence is usually associated with many oppressive

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the climate, season, endemic constitution of the locality, ini-

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false membrane is found to be composed of a fine network of fibrilla?,

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Henry Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535), described a pros-

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