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Darnall, M. H., Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps. Au-

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givert besides the rest cure are of no use, especially

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some bloody urine. There was not much blood, just a little. By

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her husband who hastened for help, saying he believed his

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standing change of rates, the service will be superior in every

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can claim, beyond fear of contradiction, the perma-

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be confined to the declaration of certain basic legislative

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the size of a dime. He was gaining in weight and the

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suming as proved that most hysterics are degenerate

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It lasted for ten days, necessitating the administration of

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cal profession, but it is hoped and rather expected,

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streets, will be laid September loth. Bradley Hall is 95

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6. Syphilitic Febrile Pylephlebitis, with Remarks on Syph-

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tee on Prize Essays of the Medical Society of the State of

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B. H. Buxton and J. C. Terry. Journal of Medical Re-

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in glia and ganglionic cells, but by the present in-

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but that this can be done by ofificial measures di-

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carcerated, the pupillary space being drawn slightly up.

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deemed this an appropriate occasion ' 1 show their appre-

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alleged proximate causes, has become less valuable ;

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9. The Increase of Scleroma in East Prussia, By Gerber.

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died. She was in a very nervous and debilitated condition.

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this growth equalled 5 millions to i c.c. No reaction re-

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purely a coincidence. A suppressed excitement due to the

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a yellowish color. The tumor was easily broken off at its

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class of persons that the farm colony was conceived.

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some eructation ; present symptoms, belching of wind after

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outside the body, fasces containing the bacilli were

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the lower part of the chest and pains in the tibiae,

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intussusception, or tuberculosis, and in advanced age

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lower extremities. On the third day after the operation

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ular, the secular arm had. in the latter part of the

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salt solution were then injected into the femoral vein, th's

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can Medical Association. A resolution was passed at this

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cent babe's health, because the truth was hid? For some

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102° F., but not the slightest discomfort resulted in

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the prevention of procreation as shall be decided safest

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than half were still born or died in infancy, while

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