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amazement, women of temperate hahits swallow as much as

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coloured fur, thicker and darker coloured towards the root and

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passes a good night, and he is removed next morning to the sick

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passed between the two blades of the instrument in such a way

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An incision having been made, delivery was speedily accomplished.

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and tartar-emetic — claims to have lost but one out of 170 cases of

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stood involuntarily grinning before me. The cheeks and lips were absent,

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and saline laxatives, should be administered, unless counterindi-

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Take of powdered capsicum, 3i.; powdered rhubarb, 3ij. Make into a

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Any material softer than the ground itself, such as hay, straw,

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tion of an article known generally to produce appreciable effects

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heart and the venous blood entering it. Hence there may be

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chanter major and upper part of the femur, others holding it to

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ply. Second is the problem involving the agents, known or unknown, which assist

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I. The bacteria used by different investigators to test the

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febrile symptoms may call for the administration of wine ; viz.

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the distension of the vessels — thereby causing debility — since

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length from i to 4//, but having a quite uniform breadth of

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Tlie common tincture is obtained by simply macerating four

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worm deposits in the intestine will not de- described to me by Dr. Huger, and her

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the omissions that may be detected in this sketch of the treatment

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fully blistered. She made no complaint of pain on them, but

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minutes longer. Temperature of axilla before respiration ceased,

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Among the wasting diseases of childhood there are a variety

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cine. Comte truly says : " If science springs from art, it can be

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without very small quantities of opium. But a slightly astringent

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the effect of increasing the number of writers cannot be denied, and many

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a few years ago in England under the auspices of the Sydenham Society,

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May 11th. — When he was admitted, the keeper said he had not

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chitis, emphysema, tuberculosis, etc. globules pass through the stomach unaffect-

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lative curiosity was excited in the community, and the school dis-

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sary every q be sufficient to repeat this only every

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expressly laid down, may be gathered from a systematic study and

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things in their real connection and subordination, and thus give

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