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the narrow thoracic aperture, so that the portion which is above
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lieved that the amount of malaria has been under estimated and
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rapidly saturated and diffused as a salt throughout the fluids of the
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have I observed the least untoward result from this process.
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antipyretics are characterized by their protoplasmal action,
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or improved at once. No healthy life can be lived in the
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ratines rfecidivantes. Bull. Soc. frang de dermat. et syph..
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de la face, p"i'6ced6 d'un aper9u historique sur I'autoplastie,
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ties, or by virtue of a special act of the Legislature. The
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2. — The injury was produced by a revolver bullet
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which with the iritis there is a tendency to cyclitis and
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1872, the numbers were 1,275, and in 1870, 980. The same progress is mak-
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knew of no remedy likely to be of any use, except as it might tend to allay
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size, because after being tapped and allowed to collapse they
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lost, or rather wasted, and, of course, labour is more tedious, and the dan-
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and eke divers I'acketts of y' Herbe Tobaccoe made Bolde
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truss. And this, I believe, is a very general impression among the
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departments — one for those who abstain and the other for those who do
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blood, yet the intervillal space was Ibsolutely free. Dissections of ova were
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students by presenting the symptoms of disease in marked
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iledical Practitioner there. Nearly fifty years since he com-
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neglected. Each case requires individual treatment. To
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flammatory edema, on the other hand, and a red, hot, swollen skin, of
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' An Introduction to Comparative Anatomy and Physiology ; being the two
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limits at from half an inch to three-quarters of an inch
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of epithelioma, nor of any new cell-growth, being discoverable.
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aid, when she is suffering sorely for her weakness.
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sanitary construction. The animals must be kept clean and be
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the digestion of milk is ever completely performed and the per-

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