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Association. The Task Force met several times in the

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which the barrel is made fast to the stock by a screw, had descended

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Boston Floating Hospital, a steamer fitted up to give sick

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4. Jurasz. Bericht uber d. Naturforscher Versammlung in

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0-5 per cent, of those examined, while m the surrouiidmg dis-

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tion by which the tonicity of the vaginal vessels is so impaired as to give

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by a deposit of amorphous earthy phosphates, which, with the crystals,

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specific disease, but they may be produced by more than one

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of July 23, p. 126, and of August 13, pp. 223-4, that

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attempting suicide lead to very grave injuries of the mucous membranes.

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that are affected with tubercles in the lungs. The points at

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Women appear to support abstinence better than men, since we find more

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be deprived of its odpur by essence of mint, six drops sufficing to deodorize thirty

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parench3nnatous degeneration, presented the typical

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probability, that the word rubeola was otherwise appropriated. Dr Paterson,

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is liable to lose water when exposed to warm air. Soluble

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worn fairly tight around the hips, while the upper border

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applies for the most part to the general and analytic chemistry,

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(and tbe general public) a plan (outlined in the " Boston Medi-

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in 1852.^^ MacWilliam* noted acceleration of the auricle in the heart

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tive Position at Present, by Dr. B. L. Hovty, of Monroe County ; On

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des maladies gen6raU)S sur I'appari il de hi \ isicm i rhiiina-

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intermission. She had also much pain on taking anj- thing mto

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Chapter IV. Greek Medicine at the Dawn of History . 46

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All letters, whether intended for publication or not, must contain the

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walls followed this illustrious example. This kept up

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Dr. R. thinks, will be found " by looking to the expression of the countenance,

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man or beast. One of my neighbors had a very sore foot which

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gurgitating duodenal and pancreatic juices act as lime or alkali

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the perpetration of at least 1,500 murders ; 8. Has determined

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suffer, but the diaphragm is occasionally paralysed. Paralysis of one side

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member of the Army Reserve, he was called to active

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ureteric orifice normal. Left ureteric orifice enlarged and gaping.

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with the soldier's daily round of duties and continued as long as he

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Hip-disease is no longer a suHiciently refined diagnosis. In

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stantaneous; a slight paralysis continued for eight weeks. Two months after, there had

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entitled "The Reorganization of the Medical Societies of the

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edy) particularly indicated for individuals subject to piles.

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murderers are mad that he should ask us to do this ? IS

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as no doubts were entertained with regard to discontinuous

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the crowded cities of England very common ; but because it is not often

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less and whose quality is bliss ! That serenity of mind is a cultivatable character-

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of the superior maxillary nerve — an operation which was followed

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