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apparatus made by M. Beauregard, could masticate with

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" Congenital defects in the nasal septum are apt to be

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the disease in the course of 3 or 4 years. While by

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siderably higher than the sides. While in this posture, his

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surface, rough and granular but non-crystalline, and resembling small

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much destruction of the liver substance, at a time, too, when

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afterwards cerebro-spinal fluid began to flow freely from one

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With the modern prevalent use of automobiles, the dust

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from these diseases in the other quarter of each 3'ear was as

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attacked with inflammatory symptoms of the most serious character,

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there can be no doubt that a tenden<y to exaggeration

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acuity of vision was aiiparently perfect. With regard to speech,

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or the more distressing symptoms of cephalalgia, nausea,

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Specific diagnosis. — H. heterophyes (Fig. 147) is the

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the subject of menstruation among school-girls, and comes

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surface facilities, no surface-disturbing activities

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patients is remarkably good. Iii this respect the example

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ship sufficient for instruction in our high schools, and bad scholarship

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From the conditions present at the time of my first

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lated hernia operation is indicated and should be per

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of ^nc chlorid to the urine gives a green fluorescence. Albumin and ghu^ose

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tlie microscope to ascertain its histological structure or for

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tendants did not think that she had suffered much, and

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by pigs in the pens was approximately 4 pounds of green feed and

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on typhoid epidemics. Prof. Brouardel remarked that

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had received no benefit and had so informed these people, he was in-

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" intrauterine treatment ought to be reserved for cases of retained

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for there is such variation in cases that much time is

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* Silvester, Med. Obs. and Inq., i., art. i. White,

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acetic acid is the proper solvent of creosote, and would, by

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Japan. The total number of cases was about sixty, all of which

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gradually increased. As the patient becomes accustomed to the

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their detection the microscope. The changes in color, form, etc., appreciable

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