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the duoderuil kink is so seldom practically demonstrable, it has been

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o& (^Arcivd. f. Gynak.,) add to medical literature

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1967. Dougherty, Malvin J., 34 Copley Rd., Upper Darby Pa. (19082)

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physician privilege exists if the patient reports him or

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came under my observation for the first time. He was

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Contiguous 2.0 mm sections are obtained to encompass the

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of all kinds — these are different calamities and they

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the circumvallate papillae. As to a possible habitat ot

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three to five days, however. I have seen the febrile

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symptoms had been pain over the liver and recurring jaun-

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a general truth, but I have seen cases in which in-

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M.J.&Exam.,1878,xxxvi,173-182.— Campbell (J.) Non-

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no use in the treatment of epilepsy. Sclerotinic acid

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a number of them with 100% membership. The following counties

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modic contraction, a condition to my mind associated no less

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extracts of fresh pancreas, causes Kleiner (Jaur. Biol. Chem., Balti-

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whose cultures are extremely virulent to guinea-pigs, and which

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and the anterior pyramid upon the same side, and so

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each of the preceding two nights had failed to procure

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adults, while in infants and particularly in young chil-

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portions of it rub against each other, they lose their rough, floc-

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improved for a short time^ and then b^gaa to pass large amounts of

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we speak of a patient as being sunk in dementia we immediately picture

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The skin is generally dry ; at times it simulates the consistence of parch-

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croupal form is decidedly so ; and the malignant is fatal in a large

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When air is driven with a certain degree of velocity through

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Ligament, Thoracic and Abdominal Transposition — Dr. (J. Alfred Aiken^ 126

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