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»se symptoms pass off, leaving the patient merely languid. When a large
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ologie des Abdominal typhus. Deutsche mil. -iirztl. Ztschr.,
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new instruments invented, new remedies brought to light. Besides,
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effect has passed off, and is, therefore, contra-indicated.
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cealment of its prime sources, or, with still worse conduct, ungenerous
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a child. He does not send down to ask the father if he may
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in the lower part of the os frontis, of one side, commencing in the
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wide-mouthed bottle be scrupulously cleansed before
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regular and forceful. The os had dilated to the size of a
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it is a species of karyokinesis, he having observed a fibrillary struc-
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proportions between nitrogenous and carbohydrate constituents,
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wound had already united by first intentiou,^^ the pressure of the
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somnia every 4-5 nights. Ql - increases sphincter tone.
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worn-out old horses, and likewise, perhaps, be able to cure,
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John Gamble, aged 13, was admitted into Sir Patrick Dun's
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ther example of hysteric mania. We are indebted to our ,
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informed public will prefer to continue the present
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2. ' ' Arseni et Hydrargyri lodidi — Solution of Arsenous
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found altogether eight cases of genital tuberculosis
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with shreds or small masses of curdy lymph. I have, however, some-
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Out of fourteen hundred and sixty patients there were four hundred
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blood to the skin, as a further result of its action, a
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endophytic glioma in a girl of 9. The entire retina was in-
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members in so far as the insurance regulated by this
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spurious. A case of the kind referred to is reported by George W.
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Began in damp weather ; complete relief temporarily on removing
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cases to insert a glass drain through a small opening above the pubes,
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lateral movement of the bone had been neglected, and func-
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described above should be immediately reported to the
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ger of the hand that holds the electrode, the knob A is
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In going over the records of my own cases, which I had kept
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The Exhibits. — A fine display of drugs, surgical ap-

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