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door life is the rule/ Bathing in hot water followed by friction to

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of local inflammation by cold is followed by violent invasion of the

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curative measures, consisting in diminution of fluids allowed aud

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Polypi obstruct the nose and affect the speech. They swell or

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affection that a complete description of it is not essential. No treat-

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least, exaggerated (Kiilz) , for the occurrence is in anj- case extremely

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acute disease is not so unfavorable as their occurrence in the last stages.

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employed, but the long continuance of such treatment is open to objec-

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belongs the haemoglobinuria of newborn children which was first described

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order to keep the glycosuria in check, and on the other it is injurious

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taken ; for she could not eliminate the poison and abscesses formed

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The tyrosin and phenyl-alanm of both the food and tissue proteins are

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of the mental effect upon the patient, in the place of ordinary tub

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during whose course recent cardiac inflammation occurs is differently

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are inferior to the potassium compounds in the treatment of the

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to the frequent presence of uroerythrin in the urine in considerable quantities.

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duce his strength unless he be maltreated. Unfortunately that often

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diabetes we are groping in the dark, and must learn by experience in

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fermented urine the gas will disappear as the potash seizes upon

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Still more important than the questions already answered is this

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formly the same, because of changes in the quantity and quality of

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anaemia, and may be often entirely absent in early age. As regards

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the action of such a poison would be continuous and persistent, not

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The product of conception is carried in the womb for about two

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color that is much more j^ronounced than the coloration of rheumatic

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and wliicli placed the supply of albumin far too low. Oertel's mode

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treatise on diseases of the muscles. The patients are usually young

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and the skin dry, the following prescription is appropriate :

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Case XI. '' Symptoms of meningitis. Acute inflammation of the

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could not possibly be obtained by the method of Chauveau and Kauf-

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homeopathic, eclectic nor other special methods of treatment.

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Avheu given in doses of fifteen to twenty grains every two houi's. In

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category-. Sir Spencer Wells has observed that among the gouty,

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best race developments as the temperate climates. In the northern

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particularly when there is much fever at the beginning. There is often pain

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Suppression or failure of the kidneys to secrete urine is a serious

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the Elgin botanic garden, 2i^, 37 ; his traits and peculiari-

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hypodermic injection of morphia with atropia. (Morphia one fourth

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(3) that the morbific effects of each were due to its propagation in

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If they had studied the arteries in a living animal, full of blood

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ease is not clearly defined, but from one to two months is given as

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introduced into the alimentary canal. Sometimes it has been administered

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