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218 MISSOURI MEDICINE/April 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 4

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of the lungs is a badly formed thorax. The position at the apex, the

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occur in connection with other cases of scarlet fever or are followed by

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eflFect of potassium bromid on blood-pressure have shown that small

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Some varying reports have been made upon its application in

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any injury having been done, whereas the time lost by beginning too late


appear to the writer to justify the following conclusions : —

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It is much swollen, and the walls soft. On carefully removing

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or not it was present upon the face is not stated. Its color was like that

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ease; but when the urine undergoes ammoniacal decomposion the am-

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Dunlap, Lucius Victor, Albemarle; U.N.C, 1909 1909 1910

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Dr. And, in discussion of Dr. McChord's paper: I don't believe

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Females are more prone to a recurrence than are males in about

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two following cases show the application of this to human pathology.

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nective tissue, and quite pronounced muscle atrophy may be then observed.

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case to be mentioned is worthy of remark, because this

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entering hospiial. Slight cystitis. Lateral lobes of prostate

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requisite it is equally to bear in mind the local features of the injury or disease

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runs downward and forward at an angle of 67° with the mid-

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entry, until death from her own gangrene shall have

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1844." " These are the alterations which it {i e. the

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Chelmsford, records an interesting case of a carter, who was

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in oil. By the next day the whole of them had wilted, and have since

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