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toxic theory of the causation of leukemia is worth con-
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tion and consequently helping to an accurate diagnosis. Secondly, women
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and they travel over the head to the nose for moisture. The
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logical peculiarities which have already been referred to. Should there be
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either one course or more, as may be hereafter deter-
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Certain criticisms of our previous domicile study have been offered.
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Pilula Scillce composita (L., E., D.) Dose, 5 to 15
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pected to make at lecist three subsequent visits; in many
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lished cases. He expressed great doubt as to the correctness of diag-
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noidal sinus. He had made many dissections to determine
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ing the amount of manipulation that the skin has un-
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of pulses: in seven the right was greater than the left, the left
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Out of the 10,000 men examined, 2,132 had less than one month's service;
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presented by Dr. Ralph Rossen, superintendent, and two
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feel the degra<latiou of selling knowledge on such miserable terms, de-
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problems, and had an unsympathetic attitude toward the
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knew him before, to be a zealous supporter of the doctrines of
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gastric ulcer occurs chiefly in persons of middle and advancing life. 1
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"The committee appointed yesterday by the Medical Section to
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able and generous character, had won our esteem and
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fluids without success. At length meeting in a manual of
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It is frequently stated that a man who engages iu |i
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The total COM of >|K. U,iMing and th. ™J' »'«/»'' .;!'=°8» i"<°'™P7XJ°j
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is accompanied by pronounced emaciation and often by hypersecretion
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The Palliative Treatment of Rupture of the Uterus —
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after a preliminary discussion of about twenty pages,
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Sectio Cadaveris. — Fifkjdhree hours after death.
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death a dark spot is said to form gradually on the outer side of the white of
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tarsal bones, the cuboid, a.stiagalus, and scajjiioid,
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Instances of such parks are to be found in nearly all the larger cities

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