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ROBERT BRIDGES, M. D., Professor of Chemistry in Philadelphia Coll of Pharmacy.

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!';Mcl .1 large number of flies to the ward, and was therefore not onl}'

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that all sprouting weeds are killed as they show themselves.

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and safety. I once heard that "a partial vacuum exists in the abdomen

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ease we cannot vaccinate against, and by the very nature of the human

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years. As the author considers the lithic acid diathesis a prominent con-

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The following set of formulae was kindly furnished me

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became affected with porrigo and infested with vermin, for which

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can be speedily removed. An impacted foreign body, ciliary

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and wept for a quarter of an hour at a stretch " and

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too red a second application of the needed color is

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The increasing recognition of the importance of color-

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Editorial Note: Diphtheria is a potentially severe ill-

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wit apparent in Marshall on ln's admission to the house, and was greatly

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heart. Smoking cigarettes of stramonium, or of the iliiturn I

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gree, the faith of which, according to a late writer, M^

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2. Physical Examination. — A conference and practical course on the methods of

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W. H. Gladstone ; and the Provost of Ayr sent £850, being the

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of a bilocular uterus, it has been found that impregnation has taken place in

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Theodor Geisler in 1S92 found no qualitative differ-

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Septic infection plays so frec^uent and so positive a role in the

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appearances observed to ascertain the disorder. Once master the prac-

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attended with some pain, he was enabled, after a few visits, to

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during the past week, had vaccinated something like 1000

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Corsin. He is inclined to explain the modus operandi of this external

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spots and the elevation of the hyperoemic patch give the impression

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occasionally, also, in the thickened submucous tissue^ abaoosses and

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