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its orifice, and part of the blood will <e§cape from the

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be distributed to the entire population with a profit.

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pital, London, England, have published a preliminary note on

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for parents in the medical profession, it is impossible tol

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fying periostitis. The spine was not entirely rigid, as there was

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occur, as shown in Figure 2, and it would be equal to the sum of the

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from danger to life, it is an affection which, if it exist to an extent to

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bodies in solution, whatever its affinity for them may

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of small-pox. It fades in the same order, standing out three days

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That it takes susceptibility plus exposure to infection for the

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With these opinions, as applied to certain cases at least,

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tea — and for all kinds of stuffing, when dried and rubbed into powder.

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and character. It would require a lively imagination to describe or

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The paper was accompanied with a number of pathological specimens,

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The purpose of this paper is the consideration of those

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the child's bed at night. It is said that the inlialation of the vapor of a

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and croup. Either the neck is stretched out and the back and

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Davis, J. J., Atlantic, Univ. of Md., 1891 1891 1916

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xxvii, 142; 177.— San Martin (J.) luvestigaciones es-

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18. Weissman DE, Dufer D, Vogel V, et al. Corticosteroid

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and has in common with the other affections towards its termi-

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rosets are about one-third larger than the malarial resets

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the ventricle, whilst the contraction of the left auricle transmits the aerated

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for its appearance on the skin, the epidermis must at

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creased some twenty pounds. The pain is nearly always burning; very rarely

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" Very good ; but Latin is necessary for the theses."

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