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of the daily routine work of every practising physician.

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grateful to their memories — and entertaining the most correct and

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may be used for vesical irrigation^ and a more thorough

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ment of the sac after meals (not all the food passing into the stomach), and its

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causative factors in the production of this disease.

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son, Griesinger, Jaccoud). We shall see later that the mortality has been

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had been put in the fabled shirt of Nessus, which had gradually contracted

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this healthful practice. And in all cases of immoderate sweating,

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Mercury, as an alterative remedy, or given to " improve the secretions," is

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who-e possession is com|)rised in three words — Observe! Compare! Record!

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direct proof on the subject, to be derived from the remarkable

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Characteristic tubercular peritonitis without adhesions and without fibro-caseous

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commander, who must give guidance to his staff as to his require-

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The instruction in surgery begins in the second year and extends over three years. During

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cility of removing the stone. The supra-pubic is coming

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before dilating and curetting, but only after the possibility of

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2, muscles rigid, but not convulsed ; 3, labored, gasp-

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the advent of the motor carriage has created a widespread interest

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Professor of Chemistry, South-West London Polytechnic. Fifth

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There are a great number of noxious vegetables growing

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immune serum for B. typhosus 189 — a stock culture — has not, as a

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percentage of cases offers any hope of success. Tubercular

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aimed at is, that animals should be kUled in the country, fresh

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in endeavoring to judge of their respective merits, it is to be borne in mind

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varying lengths — twelve, fourteen, sixteen, and eighteen inch lengths.

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ripheral lesion of the labyrinth or VIII nerve is suggested by the

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bock dwelt upon separately — the stone, bronze, and the iron ages. In the build-

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against the character of any of the legatees, in order

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