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in three hours from the completion of labour; 1 in four hours; 1


inwards (or to the right), the false image must be formed upon the inner

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Schlesinger, M. J. ; Cargill, S. Lā€ž and Saxe, I. H. : Studies

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to the larger Committee, composed of one member from each

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Polyclin., Phila., 1883-4, i, 100. . The corneal reflex

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in severe, prolonged coughing. Convulsions and bronchopneumonia are

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his urine was clear and free from sediment. He has never

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of the liquid inflammatory product by the coherent epidermis. Serous

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said to occur from other causes, such as sudden suppres-

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part involved. Pure carbolic acid when injected around the

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of their bodies. As to the point of attack of the poison, he

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Kand was struck by a round shot, which completely crushed his left

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early in the spring of 1913 without evident recurrence of pellagra.

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class, for a fine appreciation of even the grandest and no-

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Venenata in the Treatment and Desensitization of Patients with

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for the belief that the dogma of BuflFon as to the inferiority of animals in

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This theory is rather disproved by the fact : first, that

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the oldest child made 5 J 5 grain, and in the youngest 3 \ ? grain, to begin

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tegration in diphtheria, it is important that no abnormal load be laid upon

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The annual election resulted as follows : President, H. A.

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mended in the first volume, in the treatment of habitual fluxions to the

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iii all directions, some of which from each point on the side next the eye,

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stoppered bottles, and before using, was shaken and a portion diluted four times

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publishes a letter from the mayor of that town, which is

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tioners to a hasty, in my mind unnecessary, and consequently


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the diphtheria bacillus, the pneumococcus and the bacil-

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may not be limited exclusively to the hands and feet or ears, but symmetric

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very freely of Mr. C 's milk without any ill effect.

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the opportunities for original research are great. That which

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euormously swollen, she could barely see a little from one eye. Her face was

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endophytic glioma in a girl of 9. The entire retina was in-

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have had four cases to recover after being curetted and tamponed. One

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excellent. The work commends itself to every thoughtful student.

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we have a school here in our midst devoted to the teaching of the

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festations of regional or remote metastases mammary cysts as a curative measure, and

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change in this case we have shown to be one of surface action, and by replacing

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allied in nature to the approaching epidemic ā€” namely, diarrhoea ; the deaths

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is made of the labours of brother John and the artist Strange. In

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One to be taken every hour till the bowels are freely opened.

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was a white, amorphous powder, easily soluble in warm water. It

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