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acters of this group are exactly similar to those of the second, the

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sudden and painful attacks, that follow exposure to cold. Blis-

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generally occur in the second. " Tedious labour may depend

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a bad case of caries of the sternum, and studied the changes of

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After some further discussion on the relative merits of

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ing. Wouldn't walk, wanted to be let alone, and liked

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miscarriage from the violence of straining, the patient may take

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dilated right heart, and dropsy. The presystolic murmur was,

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medical friend, a very slight curving of the dividing line


cases the anterior part of the foot becomes abducted


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symptoms increased in intensity in the course of the following

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yellowish reflex from behind the lens became more marked.


1 . A, Morales et al.. New England Journal of Medi-

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believe, caused the gradual and inevitable death of the

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patient usually dies with those manifestations which mark the ter-

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branes and inflammatory products ; and the prognosis of sclerotic cases is

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E. T. Kuhn ; "Complications in Lungs Due to Heart Diseases,"

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with hair ; the inguinal glands are firm, only slightly

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average age which should have been reached if there had been

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border under the orbital arch, producing the oculo-orbital

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kept the students' common room lively was in itself evidence of

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operations peiTormed, and the cures effected in cases of chronic

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hemorrhage; as scorbutic, epistactic, haemoptysic, haematemetic, en-

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area of dulness, and by noting the gradual return of the heart's apex-beat

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tilled water when introduced into the stomach and subse-


respectively. For this distressing symptom alone some

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This lower vitality permits of invasion of the kidneys by micro-

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the temperature, long before the freezing-point is reached, they will

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cedema-like swelling did not pit on pressure. Urine

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health nursing functions, with contact with private physicians and other commu-

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to be frequent by Bednar, was not present in this case, al-

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in the panniculus adiposus, just beneath the cutis, and a slightly wavy portion

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