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January 1, 1894. — Under ether an incision was made in the

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nitrogenized and non-nitrogenized organic matters. Motion no longer sepa-

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The maturing follicles of the ovary are more susceptible than the

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the other, and, as in the preceding case, the bacilli

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April 8th, and was buried in his home toMm Monday of this week. Dr.

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The Stethoscope has been purchased by the Medical Society of Vir-

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thermal disturbances is very uncertain, and they have no diagnostic

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required for alleviating pain. Much relief is obtained by local

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someone’ s life? And how many decisions did you make to

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murmurs : (i,) They occur in highly neurotic people ; (2,) They are

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The squamous suture connects the temporal with the parietal

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showed that e.\cision of the superior cervical gan-

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cure of fecal fistula. Med. Press West. N. York, Buffalo,

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3 . In cases of disease of the adnexa in which the latter are situated near or

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simply and clearly, the decimals shall be rejected, except

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uplifting of the skin in a round spot of an area of a quarter of an inch

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design, or device regarding the ingredients or the substances contained therein,

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■9 per cent., while those of native birth also amounted

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case of this sort was a classical one. He had resisted treatment for

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a primary injection as after later ones. Death probably takes

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Send reprint requests to Mr. Jenkins at 400 Perimeter

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chiefly on one side, extensive infiltration with larger and

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lasting 1 hour ; in the beginning the treatments lasted

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professor of anatomy, I find all the anatomy and physio-

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modic contraction, a condition to my mind associated no less

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chamber in the ciliary region demonstrated without question

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(as the tight-buttoned and belted uniform of soldiers), in-

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cold winds whistle and the wintry storm blows loud, he shelters him-

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action of other viscera. Thus a concussion of the brain, or

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present also. In 2, Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus was associated with

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offensive effluvia. Hence, disinfectants are a necessity,

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