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of Philadelphia, sends us the following : '< I was interested
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or its pitch may be changed, and its register or compass may be contracted
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empty. All the compressors are closed in rest. If we
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by violent injury, or even by severe stretching or bruising of the nerves,
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appear in scattered groups in the substance of the membrane, become
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technique of cooking, etc. — are such as to adapt the book to
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the tissues being raised, and of the blood lowered. But in surgical
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and against food from the stomach vertically upward
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a thickened epidermal lamella, whilst the other is more like an ag-
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relates to the border line between medicine and surgery. Like all
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takes away a great deal of time from scientific operations.
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tic authorizes the use of the title “doctor” or initials
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reticulum, or abomasum, soon involves the third compartment.
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order to promote recovery in typhoid fever cases. A
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only five out of twenty-one were colored would indicate
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poor elsewhere in this country are just as bad, with few exceptions,
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forward by Sidney Martin, who has suggested that the diphtheria
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evidence of the unilateral situation of the lesion. There is a tendency,
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margin of the inferior turbinated body. When seen from behind the
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ances da ly in doses that would prove poisonous to the generality of
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very satisfactory manner, although it labored under
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which is frequently difficult to obtain ble chance of keeping clean by drawing
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intercurrent affections, the general condition will depend on the frequency
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prevents its extension. Second, that solution or melt-
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the Navy or a Governor of Vancouver's Island ; the other is to
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the Council to any contemplated union whatever. They wouli
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Skirving; (R. S.) Some clinical notes on enteric fever
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state of the fluids, and that these diseased fluid's may produce

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