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basic fuchsin stain. By using Kodak Technical-Pan 6415 film, the

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been transformed ; it is furrowed by embryonic vessels in continuity with those

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a portion of the third division. Those from prostration were chiefly

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results. The germicide treatment favored by the author is

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delirium was a clinical entity. Schiile, Krafl't-Ebing

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and then ulcerates, and thus the ulcer from the very beginning

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processors, functionaries, and other bureaucrats are help-

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thol and salol or guaiacol. Chappel (20) recommends the

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An extrinsic morbid product, giving rise to a morbid condition of the

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and yellow tnbercle. Qnasi-malignancy of tubercle. Experi-

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artificial respiration necessary for maintaining life be intermitted, the

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grains 6i the combined Sodium Phosphate, Citric Acid,

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there remains an imperfect closure of the thoracic opening (after point-

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usually seen in a lipoma, and its tissue blended imperceptibly

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donors with known penicillin allergy to determine if passive

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August 26th, of heart disease. He was born in Ireland

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One patient passed on an average about ten pints of

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"It is not my intention to weary you witli many statistics;

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obtained by gastroenterostomy in a case of carcinoma of the

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she's a summer love in the spring, fall and winter . . . g.d

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she shows no signs of suffering, you need not disturb yourself if

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of Surgery, and president-elect of the A. M. A., surely needs no introduction.

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pains and GU complaints. There have also been rare occur-

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a fine line can be seen joining the two segments together (Fig. 10,

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being used. A suitable form of electricity may be applied,

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cian. This digital vomitorium was lubricated with the

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