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confer the title of ' medical jurist ; ' that the courts of

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of this association have been reported by Henoch, Gee, Hadden, and

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condition may persist in some degree, either in the bowel or the mesentery, as

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done through the pleximeter. A third and very great advantage

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bacilli in the perfectly fresh dejecta of cholera patients.

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groups. Liquefies gelatine, forms yellowish colonies (12).

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ever, by an admixture of water with simple syrup or sugar,

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idea regarding the dangers of opium and its preparations,

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You have left personal interests and private cares only to assume

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diminished. He used a o'l per cent, solution in sterilized water.

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Acute laminitis terminates in resolution of the parts, or in

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been found in syphilis, diabetes, neuralgia, etc. It may come and go

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by violent injury, or even by severe stretching or bruising of the nerves,

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then up and about in a wheelchair, and passing fifty

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Further, the parietal eminence, which lies anteriorly, is carried

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first firm and of an indolent ai)pearance, without any change in the

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meals should be simple, that is, not made up of too many articles.

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micha ' U Urine, has been appointed Surgeon to JervL

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This lung, also, showed numerous scattered tubercles varying

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a Junior Physician as medical tutor, and a Junior Surgeon

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The third type of plague banner 'is that in which the figure of a saint

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rabbit. This was much more certain than a bacteriolog


tional outpouring of gastric juice and thus directly increasing the chlorid

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dose taken on the intimation of an attack is usually sufficient

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