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1864 b. — Die Vogelmilbe {Sarcoptes mutans) . [Abstract of 1863 b] <Repert. d.

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a decision by the patient or the care giver not to use

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a living male child, weighing 7 lb. 4 oz., was delivered. The placenta

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in these worst of all cases that the remedial power of this

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the usual legitimate preparations had failed, I sent for some j)&fsulphate

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Of 90,'i cas<\s, more than 75 per cent, occurred l)efore the end of the second

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1 intend to follow up the matter and it may be possii)le to look forwartl

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on hides and wool. Szekely found the spores in dried cultures alive

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pass, the dependent portion of lung will become emphysematous.

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single patient in whom I have used such a ligature, and I have per-

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respiration is strongly indicative of disease of the

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aspirated fluid has been found to be purulent in character. Lobular pneumonia

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less on intruders, seizing and surrounding them, im-

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to the residents and students who rotate through these

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Grenada had intercourse only with some of the other islands in

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Symptoms of Pneumothorax, it the\ be irauniatie.

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reveal merely fibrous elements, without a trace of lung tissue. The pleura

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the liver contained several small patches of a similar substance.

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hoped finding the source of infection of several cases

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a bacteriolytic lysin is formed in animals treated in a certain way.

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member of the Army Reserve, he was called to active

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" Cf. Brunton and Cash, Journ. Anat. amd Physiol., 1883, xvii.

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Another peculiarity of the spirilla was that they were

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layer presents two superimposed zones of different aspects.

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geons, University of Illinois, in 1909 and served his in-

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been had it been outside of the abdomen instead of inside !

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nose should then be made, and the re -appearance of pus is indi-

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period of 102 days, with a range of temperature varying from

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actually raising the general tone and increasing the weight. One of his

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ally confined to solitary portions of the bronchial mucous membrane, as

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as the new burning ague. In 1502 it was prevalent in Italy

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normal peristalsis very little. Other observers, like Bach and Ehrmann,

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*j J?aepe bpaban bepe psestma* J?sepe hpitan hpsete

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will find that in most cases of old dyspepsia, there is

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cle. The secretion is scanty and sero-sanious, rather than purulent. The base

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cloths. The rubbing and the applications should alternate, rubbing

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u, i.ii,., I, '••;"•■■■'■■""•--. \M,, ,„ii,, i„„„ „,,„.„,,„„ ,„.

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The cardiac dulness was increased, the left border being 2|

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" During the journey he was extremely dejected, continually

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according to the severity of the burn, which takes many months

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nal constriction of the last-named region. I should

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