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one exception (No. 84), which showed a perpetually irregular pulse, and
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epithelioma and carcinoma of the prostate gland or of the uterus, radium
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a temporary liaemostasis must be first secui'ed by tke application of
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Sweet cream, or Cod Liver Oil, will be useful in restoring health and
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dependence of the functional symptoms of the disease upon anjeraia, which,
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sulted in reduction of the fever and improved circulation,
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the situation of the mass, its consistency, and the Inti-
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tions in combination with some other operative pro-
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nothing abnormal as to quantity or quality in the uri-
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cyst is the primary feature or not. If the tubal cyst is pri-
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tiation is to be made by reference to the seat of pain and soreness, the
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influenza such as pharyngitis, laryngitis, and bronchitis. "Nonrespiratory" includes head-
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by violent injury, or even by severe stretching or bruising of the nerves,
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The cells of the intermediate precentral area are numerous, of
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from day to day, successful treatment would be well-nigh hopeless. It has
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drug that lowered the arterial tension gave temjiorary re-
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cent, and an annual diminution of the population by 2 per cent,
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chest-wall than the aorta and being covered only by the thin border of
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praevia." No examination after death could be obtained.
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Dr. Felix Hoppe 1 , E. Mathieu, and S. Urbain 1 have by previous work
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'Ulexin is an alkaloid from the gorse, [/!tx eurcfaus.
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length of the shortest wave length below the ultra-violet
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young lady in an asylum, rational on every subject, experienced
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Society held its annual meeting at Hyannis, May 9, and elected
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Bartlett. Jno. Knowiton, Mi\vauke< .\'is. 18^,4
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